Mr. Bhakta Bishwokarma,

Human Rights Lawyer

        Objective of the Session: To delve into legal and ethical strategies to combat misinformation and disinformation.

        Scope of the Session:-

  • Exploring the legal frameworks for addressing misinformation.
  • The role of media literacy and education in mitigating the impact of misinformation.
  • Balancing freedom of speech with the need to prevent the spread of false information.
  • Case studies and ethical considerations in handling misinformation in Nepal.





Mr. Subhash Dhakal

Under Secretary (IT),

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Ms. Priyanka Jha


Media Action Nepal

Ms. Nirjana Sharma

 Head, Communications,

UNESCO Kathmandu Office

Mr. Abhijeet Anturker

Advocate, Anturker and Associates,


Mr. Neil Dawes Bhutani

Senior Government Relations Advisor for India,

PS Engage