Adv. Babu Ram Aryal,
Chair, Digital Freedom Coalition

          Objective of the Session: To examine the need for AI regulation while ensuring  digital freedom in the Nepalese context.

          Scope of the Session:- 

  • Ethical implications of AI in digital freedom.
  • Frameworks for AI regulation while fostering innovation.
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability in AI systems.
  • Policies that balance AI development with individual rights in Nepal.



Hon. CK Raut

Chairman and Member of Parliament,
Janamat Party

Hon. Jeevan Pariyaar

Member of Parliament,

Nepali Congress

Hon. Thakur Gaire

Member of Parliament,

Prof. Dr. Durgambni Patel

Dean, NNMIS Deemed University,

Mumbai, India

Prof. Dr. Tara Prasad Sapkota

Tribhuvan University