Laxman Datt Pant,

Chairperson, Media Action Nepal

Objective of the Session:- To understand international best practices in regulating cyberspace and apply relevant lessons to the context of Nepal.

Scope of the Session:

  • Overview of global and regional cyber regulations and their impact.
  • Case studies highlighting successful cyber regulatory frameworks from various countries.
  • Analysis of challenges and opportunities for implementing effective cyber regulations in Nepal.
  • Potential regulatory approaches that align with Nepal’s socio-political context.


Mr. Netra Prasad Subedi

Joint Secretary,

Ministry of Communication and IT (MoCIT)

Mr. Taranath Dahal

Executive Chief,

Freedom Forum Nepal

Mr. Samiran Gupta

Vice President, Government and IGO Engagement APAC & Stakeholder Engagement South Asia,


Ms. Kamala Panthi


Mr. Neil Dawes Bhutani

Senior Government Relations Advisor for India,

PS Engage